Is Internet Poker Legal in the United States?

Many people don’t know that in 2012, actually more than one in three US citizens placed a legal casino or cruise ship wager. What happened online in 2012? It can be surmised that the same number of Americans placed wagers in an online gambling game.

So what does this mean for online gamblers and in particular, online poker players? Well first of all, it means that yes, online poker is a safe and legal activity that many Americans–probably friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members of yours–actively play every year. The online legal gambling industry garners almost $37 billion dollars in revenue every year, and that’s just in the United States alone. Yet there are still some US citizens who are asking: is poker legal online?

The answer again is yes. And not only is it legal, with an annual revenue of nearly $37 billion, it is a large part of our economy here in the United States. Which game is most popular among all of the online gambling games? Poker. Far and away, poker players outnumber players of other online gambling games.

With all that being said, there are some sites that are not legal for US players, because they are based in other countries. That is why it is of the utmost importance that US online poker players check the validity of the sites where they are thinking about placing a bet. The consensus among gambling aficionados and experts seems to be that the most popular sites for US online poker players are offshore sites, which do not need to adhere to US federal government regulations.

Still, there are more and more US based sites that are completely legal for US residents popping up in states like New Jersey. It seems the United States government is wising up and seeing the advantages that online poker can pose for its own economy. If you want to learn more about great offshore gambling sites that are completely legal or more facts about playing legal online poker in the U.S., go to for more information.

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